Saturday, 18 August 2012

Bring On Spring.

Week Two on the Road

We had a brilliant 3 days of trading last weekend. North Terrace for the first time, Hindmarsh Square on Saturday and then an awesome spot at Format for their annual Bake Sale. (This edition named “Bake to the Future, which made us very happy, bad puns are our favourite)


Format is an Art Gallery, Zine shop, music venue and all around amazing space.  Go here to find out more about them Format Goodness
Hopefully we can work with them again, the Format festival is coming up and it would be great to be involved and support them. 

We met lots of new people over the weekend and are realising what we are doing is appealing to a much wider range of people than we first thought. We get a lot of elderly people come and talk to us, something that surprised us, but I guess the bike reminds them of a time when their were plenty of people selling goods on the streets from market carts and such? Maybe we are just friendly?
Either way it’s good. We are also finding we are getting plenty of people who are just passing by stopping for a burger, rather than just those who are following us on facebook for example. Excellent!


Facebook has been pretty great for us so far. We have only done 2 weeks of trading and have already got a few hundred ‘likes’ on our page. We have been pleasantly surprised by all of this action! (and still feel super happy on the positive feedback we are getting). Facebook is a pretty amazing tool for reaching people we realise, and as we are changing location so regularly we are going to be relying on it to get our customers to visit us. I’ve got a friend on board to help us set up twitter next week (thanks Eliza) and hopefully that gets a few more people onto us too.

This weekend though the weather has been pretty wet and windy, so we have decided to take on only Sunday trading at Gilles Street Market. (if we are lucky it should be undercover) (also, if we are even luckier Monica will get some vintage clothes shopping in, between selling burgers) For more information about this venue go to...

We're also keen to set up a little bit of information on the bike as we are getting a few questions about the amazing ingredients in our food. We use quinoa and amaranth in our burgers and this is what most people are curious about. (You are on the internet so I’m guessing you can google that one yourself for more information), but when on the road people really want on the spot information about what they are buying. Below is my not-so-fancy photo of our fancy un-cooked quinoa.

We use ‘Olive Green Organics’ brand, Organic Andean Grain Mix for our burgers which contains organically grown Quinoa and organically grown Amaranth. Its grown in Bolivia and we’ve chosen it not only because its organic but because it’s a tri-colour quinoa, (rather than just red or white it’s mixed.) This gives it a fuller flavour and you get the health benefits of the seed in its various forms.

Its just such a good thing for vegetarians to get into, and sooo tasty in our burgers.

So that’s pretty much it for this week. We are very keen for the weather to improve, warmer weather will be a pleasant change on the road for sure.
Gilles Street market should be fun tomorrow, hope we see you there!
Monica (Veggie Velo Support Crew)

P.S We are always excited to find new reasons to love Adelaide. We discovered this amazing business this week through our facebook page. Go have a look, its pretty cool, all done with a cargo bike!

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