Sunday, 22 July 2012

So its almost ready! 

After years of dreaming, months of planning and weeks of organising its almost time for the first Veggie Velo fry up! This week saw the finishing touches put on the bike, now it even has a sneeze protection screen, it’s seriously looking like a veggie café on wheels. We are super excited and are now finishing all the paper work to get this shop into the bike lane and onto the streets selling veggie burgers. 
As this is the first real blog post I’d like to take a moment to let you know what we’re really up to on here. Through this blog we’d like to keep you updated on our progress and where we will be serving up veggie goodies. We’d love to blog about the cycling community in Adelaide, and of course vegetarian food! We’d also like to write about our experience, show you where the food is coming from and where it’s grown and generally use this page as our little diary.
 We will definitely have to do some entries about the amazing workmanship that has gone into making the bike and barbeque as there are some people we’d like to give credit to.

 In the adventures leading up to the Veggie Velo getting started there has been so much amazing support and so many questions. 
The two most common question so far: 

 1. What does Velo mean? 
Velo is the French word for Bicycle. (Manu is French so we thought it would kind of suit) 

 2. How the hell are you going to pedal that thing around? 
Good point. It’s a super heavy barbeque on three wheels and will at times be a pain to move (especially uphill). Luckily Manu’s eaten plenty of Quinoa and has lots of energy. But seriously, the bicycle is custom made for this work, geared so it’s as easy as possible to move and comes with some serious drum brakes. The Dutch style cargo bikes are surprisingly easy to manoeuvre so they look a lot more cumbersome than they are. Adelaide city is fairly flat which helps also. (We hope. Honestly the true test will be next week, when the bike is fully loaded with burgers, buns, salads and packaging. If you see us struggling please don’t hesitate to give us a push!) 

Ok, wish us luck on our maiden voyage and we will keep you posted. 
From Monica, Veggie Velo support crew 

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