Tuesday, 30 October 2012

The end of October...Already

Hello Veggie Lovers! 
October is almost over and we are now seriously starting to cook! 

What a great few weeks we have had, meeting you all at plant swap meets, in Adelaide’s park lands, Gilles Street Market and today in the University for the first time. 

The Veggie Velo has been clocking up some miles and Manu has been working into overtime. 

We had a great morning on International ride to work day, with our first try at something different off the grill, Corn Fritters (vegan) and Banana Pancakes (vegan also). They were super good and hopefully we can do a little breakfast service some time in the future.

In the past few weeks we have also traveled to Woodville to be part of a friendly Garden open day at Ridley Grove Community Garden, took part in the city Park(ing) Day and worked the crowd for the march to Solar Power up our state. We even had a pop up park in the East end to help celebrate Irving Baby's 20th (!!) anniversary. Thanks Splash adelaide for the deck chair vibe.

We are learning that now we have a lot more sun we need to take cover in the shade, so some of our favourite spots like North Terrace will be moving during summer. We met some great Veggie Burger fans at this spot so hopefully we can find somewhere shady near by.

We are also now certain we have the best customers in the world. Not only are you all friendly and patient, you have been giving us amazing feedback and reviews as well. We are sincerely grateful for all of your business and hope we keep you well fed and happy for some time yet.

Yelp welcomes Veggie Velo to its pages. Thank you for liking us!

One highlight of the past few weeks was meeting and serving Simon Bryant. Ever cooked for a chef? It can be a little nerve racking, but Simon was very friendly and came and complimented Manu and even gave us some beautiful produce from his ‘Dirty’ range, Lentils and Chickpeas. We are now fans of those as well. Simon is a champion of ethical produce and we are lucky to have him in Adelaide. 

 Who knew you could get lentils from Kangaroon Island?

We were also happy to finally meet the Kind Cleaner, who came and introduced himself. Paul is not only doing kind cleaning he is doing great blogging, and we love his regular posts. We know the food industry can go a long way to be more environmentally friendly, and this blog is a little inspiration for us! 

Be inspired by a kind Adelaidean here.

We have met so many great people through this business, maybe I can work out a little blog special on all of you? 

So, what’s coming up for the Velo in the lead up to 2013?

Quite a lot. 

For starters Manu is doing work on the bicycle. Let’s be honest. It could be a bit lighter! It weighs a couple of hundred kilos and every little bit counts, so some weight loss is taking place.
Then we are excited to be involved with Summer Fridays in the East end. Every Friday night from November 16th we will be in Ebenezer Place, with a great group of traders. 

 Here we come Ebenezer on Fridays!

We are promoting cycling a little more by being involved with Tour de Work. This is going to be great, and hopefully you are already involved. If not, finish reading this blog post and go online and get involved! 

Click here to see what's happenin'

World Vegan Day! Of course we will be there. Its still to be confirmed but keep the 18th November free and be ready to eat your way from one side of the park to the other. Lots of stalls and of course Veggie Velo vegan burgers. We will be doing a trial run of a new vegan burger patty to allow choice for our fans, very exciting! 

Veggie Velo is also going to be flipping burgers at a new market in Adelaide called ‘Damn the Man Night Market’. We’re not sure which man they want damned but we’ll be there to see. It’s in the beautiful Old Queens Theatre in the west of the city, on Thursday night 22nd November. 

Find out more here, then come along to see us please!

Gilles Street will be wedging us in too, between James and his amazing Smooth Revolution, Pedal powered smoothies (and some lady who sells knick -nacks normally). Gilles Street is a great environment for us, lots of good tunes from the dj and lots of happy faces. 

Subtle promotion of our friend Jame's page here, these smoothies are seriously good!

After all that we will be rolling into some parks about the city. We would like to try the west a little more, and would love to try Leigh street, Light square and Whitmore Square.

One more thing! Manu was filmed for a little special on ABC t.v. It will be on the 7:30 Report, as a story about street vending. Erin, part of our Veggie Velo support crew was charming the camera and she and Manu we interviewed for the segment. Go veggie power go! 

So we hope to see you soon on the street. Thanks again for keeping us going, we appreciate each of you, and your veggie loving ways. 

As always, check our facebook page and our calender and maps to find us. 

Thanks guys, love your veg! 
Monica, Veggie Velo support crew

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